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Morgan Fitzgerald

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Morgan is an experienced and certified cyber security specialist with expertise in security operations, threat detection and response, forensic investigations, threat intelligence, and threat hunting.

Indicator of Compromise (IoC) vs. Indicator of Attack (IoA)

ScenarioAn organization was hacked using the SQL injection and database access through its website. After penetrating the network and machine, the attacker created an account named “daemon” and then escalated the privileges to obtain more control of the network. Then the attacker injected a malware file called “hackit.exe” into
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How Can Attack Surface Management (ASM) Improve Your Enterprise Security Posture?

What is an Attack Surface?An attack surface, also known as an external attack surface or digital attack surface, refers to all internet-accessible hardware, software, platforms, and cloud assets that can be discovered, exploited, and used to breach a company. A cyberattack can leverage an attacker's ability to leverage the
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