Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cyber View Points

After much contemplations, I've decided to start writing about things that are thought provoking and offer alternate view points on cyber-related matters. I will try to use this blog -- Cyber View Points -- to dig deep into issues that are not often talked about in any medium -- print or online.

I will try to address and offer my opinion on events, news, and topics in the areas of online privacy, identity theft, cyber crime, cyber security, digital forensics investigations, physical security, and training.

I encourage you to share your thoughts in a manner that does not hurt other individuals or businesses but cause people to do their best in securing the cyber space.


  1. While many companies may be attracted to technical buzzwords being tossed about, one of the hottest IT skill sets is something that mostly avoids the hype: cyber security.

  2. Your point of view amazes me. Keep on writing!

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